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    not sure where to post re:gains and losses

    Currently my stats are 5”10 200 lbs
    Bench 355
    Squat 435
    40 time 4.55

    I might be going to basic (will be in NG reserve) in the next few months and I received advice about not doing a cycle before hand as I will lose the gains over the 8 weeks. So my question is what can I do if anything to minimize the strength loss while I am gone. And I will get back about 6 months before football practice begins so what is the fastest way to get my strength back or preferably surpass where i was w/ a cycle.


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    Honeslty?? NOTHING... I am a former Marine and while I was in boot I went in weighing 213 at 5'8 and 11 % bf Well b/c I had to be at 181 according to the stupid height and weight chart for my height I was a diet recruit. Which means you dont get to eat **** lol.. I left bencing 405 and squating 525.. After the 13 weeks I weighed 174 at 7% bf.. I lost about 15 lbs or muscle.. My bench went down to 189 and my sqaut was 225.. Thats b/c of not lifting heavy for 13 weeks. Granted I could do 56 pull ups and 150 push ups non stop.... But yeah theres really nothing you can to do unless they let you lift weights.. GL Bro

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