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Thread: Limpdick

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    heard people got problem with limpdick after tren . is it possible to avoid this if i use pregnyl after? my pct starts with clomid 3 days after last shot of tren .. can i add pregnyl to my pct??
    or should I run it during my cycle´??

    pct ???

    day 1 300mg clomid + ?iu pregnyl
    2 150mg clomid
    3 100mg clomid
    4 100mg clomid
    5 100mg clomid + ?iu pregnyl
    6-10 100 mg clomid pregnyl E5D
    11-35 50 mg clomid pregnyl E5D


    1-4 50 mg d-bol ED
    1-14 250 mg sust EOD
    1-14 150 mg EQ EOD
    12-17 50 mg tren EOD
    14-17 10 mg d-bol
    18 PCT ( see above)

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    it happend if you dont use test aka sust

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    Cialis will help you with limp dick afterwards...but you can use HCG for recovery as well...and DO NOT post the same thread 8 times, now i have to waste my time deleting 7 of them

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