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    omnadren 250? only 9 amps? impatient wat to do

    i am waiting for my gear to be ordered in like a month and a half or so in the mean time a buddy of mine has 9 omnadren 250 and he wants to get rid of them for only 60$. will taking 9 amps alone do anything... my first cycle was jus of test cypionate just to see how my body reacts but i am impateint to wait a month and a half and jus wondering if 9 amps of omnas alone will do something... ur opinions will be greatly appreciated thank...

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    I have a feeling you already know what you should do here. Wait until you have everything you need IN YOUR HANDS before you start a cycle. You'll be much happier this way.


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    Yeah you know what you should do. On your cycle you want to be positive, focused and training hard. Not worrying that you will get the rest that you need in time when what you have runs out.

    Remember Murphy's Law - What can go wrong will go wrong.

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    Hmm... do you have some nolvadex and clomid on the way for your cycle?

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