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    17aa DHT/alkylation

    17aa DHT is being marketed by a few companies now, or soon will be. The hype is it's a preworkout stimulant, reduces estrogen levels while on cycle, East Germans used the stuff, yada yada. This stuff is similar to Proviron but they differ in the alklyation position. 1 position for Proviron, 17alpha for this stuff. (I hope I'm correct, please correct me if i'm wrong). I assume Proviron's alkylation is to reduce liver toxicity. Here's what I want to know... why are the current supplements M-OHN, M-1T, Mdien, M5aa all 17aa and there aren't any where these other alkylations are used to make the stuff orally active?

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    I suppose they claim it reduces estrogen levels because DHT will not aromatize to estrogen, similiar to proviron in that trait. You are correct, Proviron is alkylated to reduce liver toxicity as it is not alkylated at the 17 position.

    The reason that most are 17aa I believe is because the 17aa are able to be broken down easier making them more potent.

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