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Thread: Spot Injections

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    Spot Injections

    I have seen pictures of guys injecting into areas like biceps, thighs, lats, pecs, etc instead of just in the rear end. Does this help those problem areas grow better? And what are they injecting? Would you inject in these spots instead of the rear end or in addition to the rear? I have Test Cip and Deca to work with and have a problem with growth in a couple of areas.


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    you can inject basically anything anywhere, but there is no research let alone no logic to be able to say that spot injects make the site grow, you may get inflammation from the BA or irritants in the solution, but there is no actual hypertrophy/hyperplasia, the only thing i could see injceting for growth in that site is test suspension, anything with an ester will travel through the bloodstream and have the ester removed before it can actually bind to cell receptors and have its effect, e.g. - test propionate injected into your biceps might circulate and once the esters are removed that free testosterone molecule might bind to receptors in your ass, who knows? the point being is that those testosterone molecules are only active and free to bind when that ester has been removed...rule of thumb for injections is deep in the belly, and of course the larger the muscle group (quads, glutes, delts) the larger the belly, the greater the bloodflow, and the greater/quicker absorption, which is what you want, hope that helps!

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    won't help localized growth, just growth in general. The only thing that will really help areas is you focusing on them in the gym. If you need any help as far as injection areas go check this site out...

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    thats just a myth according to what i've heard and read, some say they get "bigger" faster...thats due to the swelling from the injection place lol

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