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    Sep 2004

    New Cycle Update

    I will be running my next cycle in about 2 - 3 weeks. Lets hear what every one thinks.

    week 1-4 50mg/eod test prop
    week 1-15 500mg/week test eth
    week 1-14 400mg/week EQ
    week 13-17 50mg/ed Winstrol
    week 18-20 PCT
    week 20-30 liquid clenbuteral (2week on/1 week off)

    I want this to be a lean muscle cycle?

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    BajanBastard is offline VET Retired
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    Ronnie i always thought you took more than that. j/k cycle looks good to me, i would up the prop to 50 mg ED and add 1 mg letrozole ED starting 2-3 weeks before the start of the cycle........PS how are things coming in your prep for the big O lol! good luck!!

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