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    Steroids for a Runner

    Hey guys,
    I had a couple of questions reguarding steroids and how they improve performance for a Runner. I have searched the boards, and I feel someone here could really help.

    Here is a little information about my past and present:

    I did a half cycle of cypionate when I was in the 9th grade (16 yrs old) and another half when I was in the 11th both forced by my brother. The results where there, but nothing major. Probably a total of 10 lbs or so....

    Currently, I am 26 years old, weigh about 160, and am 6 foot tall.

    I changed my life on February 13, 2004 when I decided to stop drinking and start running and eating healthy. To prove my dedication, I fasted for 36 hours and consumed nothing but water. At that time, i weighed 175. After getting in the habbit of running 15 miles a week and consuming about 1500 calories a day, i lost some weight and was feeling GREAT. Now, 8 months into this lifestyle change, I am a consistant 160 pounds. I have increased my miles and pace from 3, 10 minute miles 5 days a week, to 6, 8.2 minute miles 5 days a week.

    I also bought a Cannondale 500 and cycle 1 or two days a week depending on how my knees feel. The cycling consists of tough hills. Anything more than 40 miles, and I'm beat. Its a tough sport.

    My diet is very strict and remains strict unless I visit my parents (I will just eat more, but nothing unhealthy). I have actually developed a strong taste for my diet and think fast foods, sodium saturated, sugar coated foods taste terrible. I only drink water and milk (soy and 2%) and dont even consider drinking soda, coffee, or any of the sort. I also drink beer three nights a week. goals:
    I am currently training for a marathon and would like to rapidly improve my endurance and increase my muscle mass. I am also wanting to build upper body strength so my body remains proportionate. Anyone have any ideas on what to take? Any help would be greatly appreciated....


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    Fasting for 36 hours is the stupidest thing you could do if you want to get any sort of muscle. You need "macronutrients" i.e. carbohydrates, fats, and a teensy bit of PROTIEN. 1500cals a day wont do $hit either. Try 4-5000 clean cals/day. Running and AAS dont mix too well either, as they build muscle and running tons like you do takes muscle away from upper body. You burn so many cals while running that eating that much will be pointless because it will all be burned away and have none left for your planned AAS. Your legs will be strong tho.

    Rapidly increasing endurence is not a good thing. You want to gradually increase it. The only way to do this is to run run run. I would say lay off the sauce for now. Plus at 160lbs you dont have enough of a base for them any way. Everyone will tell you that.

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    Welcome aboard bro. If you are looking for an AS for a runner I would lean towards anavar ,and prop. You don't want to put on too much weight as a runner, and it def. needs to be lean muscle. Not to sure about winny, but think it is geared more towards sprinters. Also bag the 3 nights of drinking while on a cycle, var is slightly liver toxic, so liver supplementation is a good idea. Also grab some Endurox helps runners and endurance athletes recover much quicker. Goodluck bro, and don't forget your PCT..

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    The fasting was just for proving dedication to myself. I felt if I could do that, I was ready to change my ways of living.

    After reading this response, I think I need to clairify a few things:
    I only consumed 1500 cals for a couple of months to lose fat around my mid section....and it worked. It only took a few months for that. 4 months into this journey, I have upped my caloric intake to about 2500 calories and upped my miles to about 4.5 miles a day, 5 days a week (about 20-25 miles a week). Now, 8 months into it, Im running about 6 miles, 4-5 days a week and still consume about 2500 calories a day.

    My legs have gotten much stronger and can tell that they have run alot of miles. My upper body is pretty weak and its obvious that I dont do much for an upper body workout.

    Increasing rapid performance isnt smart....I know this. Thats just asking for an injury.

    But if I did the following, you would still stand next to your first statement?

    1. Run 25 miles a week
    2. Consume 2500-3000 cals a day
    3. Do good form, upper body workout 3 days a week

    equipoise , anavar , and deca ....any advice on these for my training program?

    thanks a bunch for your help btw...

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    AnabolicAlien Guest

    hey man...

    all i know is this about your subject:

    I used to run 25-30 miles a week, was 145-150 pounds and 5'10". I also lifted upper and lower body, 5 days a week (4 days of upper, 1 legs).

    I cut the running down to 10-12 miles a week and got on the gas hard. My endurance isn't nearly as good as it was back then... but then again I haven't dedicated as much to running and I'm a few years older.

    Roids cause permanent changes in the muscle walls of your blood vessels. I'm suprised that any "steroid " helps endurance over the long haul. I can see how a rapid increase of red blood cell count or decrease fat or decreased recovery time could help... but for me juice hurt my endurance... and even with my first cycle which was just prop.

    I could go on and on and on... you sure you have tweaked everything else first?


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    eq will help you with endurance due to holden more oxygen in red blood cells try 200-350 a week 12-14 weeks peaks in week 8

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    Some suggestions:
    I am 6"4" 245 and I am training for a half marathon. I am finding that anavar is really helping me get better results from the running. It does not put on water weight and
    is not hard on the joints.

    I was doing winstrol for a while but my joints really ached. I have old football injuries but the winny really semed to make them hurt a lot.

    EQ is also supposed to be good for runners, but I never did a complete cycle with it.

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