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    Question would this be good instead of gear????

    aight bros ive came across this stuff called S1+ and have never heard of it and i have been lifting for bout 2 yrs off and on now and i just now found out bout it... tell me what yall think and no bout the product???
    aight well i was thinking of doing that S1+ stuff stacked with m1t and creatine (phosphagen XT) ive done a lil research on S1+ and it seems legit.. here is my dosages that i was thinking bout doing...

    wk1-4 10mgs m1t aday
    wk1-4 6sprays S1+ aday(torso,thighs,arms)
    wk1-? creatine 10mg aday
    wk4-6 nolva 20mgs aday
    wk6-8 nolva 10mgs aday

    thanks a bunch....

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