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    Cycle Schedule (Starts tomorrow)

    My whole spreadsheet is in Excel, so I will translate it into austere english.

    There are only a few questions I had. First, should I bump the prop to 125/mg. Second, I wanted to start IGF sooner, but decided on this.

    Tren *82.29mg/ed
    Prop 100mg/ed
    Stanzol 50mg/ed (50 days starting week 4)
    IGF-1 40mcg/day
    Clen 180mcg using 2 weeks on, 3 off

    *5760mg goes to 82.29mg/day (using a 4% loss factor on a 6g conversion)

    Anti-es Doses and Timing
    L-dex/nolva .25/10mg till week 10 then nolva is bumped 20mg till week 14 (l-dex is continued only till week 11 where I then only continue with the nolva/clomid)
    Clomid 300mcg 1 day, then 100mg for 3 weeks, and 50mg for 2 weeks

    Exact Start/Stop Dates START STOP
    Prop/Tren 23-Oct 31-Dec
    Stanzol 22-Nov 3-Jan
    IGF 28-Dec 25-Jan
    Clomid 4-Jan 14-Feb
    L-dex 23-Oct 7-Jan
    Nolva 23-Oct 28-Jan

    The brands are UGL for the winny/prop and homebrew fina with liquid anti-es and clen.

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    looks good lets us know your results bro

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    Definitely not a problem. This cycle is planned down to the exact times. I start in 12hrs

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