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    Help with new cycle.

    Hey everybody I am getting ready for my new cycle, and could use a little extra advice. The cycle will be Anadrol , Sustanon , Nolva, and Clomid....maybe Deca later. I need help with dosages...I know that the prop from the Sustanon has a short life, but I only wanted to take 750 a do I dose this .. 1cc m/w/f, or 2/3cc every other day? also withe the Anadrol 50, how do you guys prefer to take it? Should I break the pill in half and take half in the morning and half at night or take it whole? So please give me all of your opinions on dosages, I love opinions as apposed to what i know. By the way I have done one cycle of test and D-bol, and my stats are 200lb 9%bf 5'11

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    Sust must be shot EOD if its your first cycle i would run it at 500mg total per wk with the drols you could split them but there is no reason to i would just take them in the am because splitting them is a pain in the ass

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