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Thread: qv cure?

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    qv cure?

    hey guys, just started to take qv enantat 250, and my asss is sooo sore i took it on wednesday and 5 days later the pain is bearible, i took another one on saturday so i expect the pain to go away my wednesday, but i was wondering if anyone knows how to treat the pain? after how many shots did it stop hurting? i mean postcures i dont want to take anything else with it. ive tried ice and heat and its alright but it hurts badddddd.what are others experiences to fix this problem?

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    Order some sterile oil or injectable vitamin B12 and use that to dilute the shot. Also, after drawing your shot try running hot water over the syringe to heat the oil to body temperature. Doing both helped me cut down on injection pain and made the shot smoother.

    Since you just started the your cycle I'd say after your 3rd-4th shot it shouldn't hurt as much. Your body gets used to it.

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    ibuprofin works well. try a heating pad on the sore area also

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    QV does have some bite to it but you may be moving the pin around inside the muscle too if this is your first time doing injections. Do like carlos said and get some sterile oil or buy some grapeseed oil yourself and filter it and put it in an empty vial to use when you inject next time.

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    I'm using qv prop and enanthate right now and the injections are painless. Like TheChosenOne said, you might be tearing some of the muscle with the pin if you don't keep it still. That will cause some pain. Heat up the gear under hot water before injecting and massage the spot afterwards.

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