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Thread: deca and m1t?

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    deca and m1t?

    wuts goin on guys, first of all I think my insuranced has got me covered on my bilateral mastectomy november 23rd which im psyched about. On a side note, if anyone has had it and can describe to me how painful it really is haha let me know. But, I can lift again on December 23rd and new years day I am planning on runnin wk1-8 200mg deca a week along with wk1-4 20mg methyl 1 test ED. If anybody has any input about m1t and real gear thatd also be helpful. Is this a smart cycle? I mean I think theyre taking out the glands on the surgery but its probably a good idea to run like 20mg nolvadex ED along with this cycle. THANKS!

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    Dont even bother with the m1t. Increase the deca to 400mg for 10 weeks at least and use some test at 500mg a week with it for 12 weeks,

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    use real testosterone

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