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    Anavar and Turanabol?

    Ive been working out for 3 years now and im curious about steroids .
    My diet is ok and ive no problems (that i know of).

    I was planning to do a 8 week cycle and im considering taking this:

    Anavar 40mg/day
    Turanabol 30mg/day

    I dont like needles and **** so ill stick with orals even though my liver will get a pounding.

    Do i need any Nolvadex and/or Clomid?
    If so, when and how much?

    Im kinda new to this so ofcourse im gonna study alot more before i take any, thats why im asking you guys.

    Im 85kgs and 180cms, i dont know about bf%.

    What kind of results should i expect from this?


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    If you want to make any real progress you'll have to use the pins bro, first please don't be a bitch it's only a needle you in't gonna die. Buy i bottle of b12 and practice that's what i did........first time i felt like i would faint but do it once and your are good to go.

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