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Thread: PCT 4 me ?

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    PCT 4 me ?

    Was wondering how much clomid to take. Ive been doing omnader e.o.d. for 11 weeks. And last shot is tomorrow. Do i take like 300mg first day 250 second 200, 100 for a week then 50 e.o.d. ? Thx.

    Also how do u go about figuring out how much ppl need.
    I got some great results, 25lbs to be exact. Last cycle was the same and i got a sloppy, 45lbs. Crazey. But i ate real clean this time.

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    from what i have read for clomid pct you would go with

    day 1 300mg
    day 2-11 100mg
    day 12-21 50mg

    thats what i have read on here.

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    Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) I follow the idea that clomid alone is a perfectly fine PCT for most cycles. I will say for any kinda cycle your going to be doing here it is. The thing is you wanna start your clomid when the majority of the anabolics are out of your system. For that you need to know that test Enathate (which is the test I recommend you use right now) after 2 weeks will diminish enough to Begin PCT. For deca and eq it will be roughly 3 weeks. So you will simply end the eq/deca a week before the test.

    The correct way to run clomid:
    day 1 300mg
    day 2-11 100mg ed (every day)
    day 12-21 50 mg ed

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