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Thread: test/win?

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    Planning on starting a cylce in january.
    What do you think,

    weeks 1 - 10 Test prop ED 75mg
    weeks 5-10 winstrol tabs 50mg EOD (or should i run it ED?)
    weeks 1-13 nolva
    weeks 10-13 (start three days after last prop shot) PCT - clomid

    i was thinking of throwing in some fina but im not sure.
    I'm 185lbs, 12%bf, looking to cut up more, my diet is 100% strict as with my training.
    Any suggestions?

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    you dont just "throw" it in there.....its very powerful so if you are going to do is going to have a big effect on the outcome....its very good for cutting..and if you are shooting everyday then you should go with are already lean....why not do some winter bulking? goodluck.

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    just stick with the cycle you got going on right now, im currently running the same cycle as you but extended it to 15 weeks. you should see good gains while being able to lean out. just MAKE SURE YOUR DIET AND CARDIO ARE IN CHECK!! other than that, you dont honestly need to "Throw" in the fina. Good luck to whatever you should decide upon. If you have any questions on the prop winny cycle let me know, ill be glad to let you know how its goin.

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