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    Adderall and AAS

    I saw some questions regarding Adderall and AAS use so i thought i'd help out on the issue. I too had some questions about this and wanted to make sure its safe, so here is what i have learned:

    I have legit ADD and need to take the medicine everyday to the tune of 30mg which is the highest dosage in pill form.

    The Adderall like all amphetamines will stimulate your Central Nervous System (CNS) which will release the neurotransmitters Dopamine, Serotonin, and Norepinephrine. These will have a direct impact on arousal (as far as alertness, not sexually) and motor activity. This is what causes you to be so focused and also reduces fatigue. Since your CNS becomes so flooded with these neurotransmitters the brain has to increase heart rate to keep up, this causes more blood to be flowing which could cause a spike in blood pressure if one were to become very active.

    Ok, now that we know exactly how Adderall works we need to address another issue. I am prescribed this drug because a psychologist and doctor conducted numerous tests on me that pointed towards Attention Deficit/Non-Hyperactive Disorder. This means that for whatever reasons my brain chemistry is different and i have insufficient amount of Dopamine, Serotonin, and Norepinehprin being released when i need to be alert. So when i take the drug i am getting the proper amount a normal person has.

    The most common side effects to the drug are loss of appetite, dry mouth, and restlessness. Here is how i handle all of these:

    1. Loss of appetite-- You have to teach your body to eat regardless of any medication, so since i have taught my body to eat i have no problem eating when i don't feel hungry, i just do it because i have to.

    2. Dry mouth-- simple, drink 1-2 gallons of water a day, plus it will help your metabolism so you can eat more

    3. Restlessness-- simple, take the medication early enough that it won't affect your sleeping

    Ok, so you've read through all this and now your like well what does that have to do with AAS. Well, not much if you have legit ADD and are prescribed Adderall. Just make sure you drink enough, eat enough, and sleep enough. Your diet should be healthy enough that blood pressure should not be an issue, if it is, then you need to take that into consideration. I have no problems with it so its not an issue for me.

    Now, if you are NOT prescribed Adderall, then DO NOT take it constantly during a cycle. Your CNS is perfectly fine and throwing Amphetamines into the mix will just overload it. I cannot CAUTION this enough!!! Taking a few here and there for a test or something will not harm anything.

    A few side notes:

    *Beware of synergistic effects, anything that Adderall and the particular AAS being used have in common on the effect in the body chemically can become multiplied, i.e. Liver, and Blood Pressure, etc.

    *Do not take any 17-aa AAS while on Adderall, your liver WILL pay the price in the long run

    *Keep track of your Blood Pressure, if it is constantly spiked, then one or the other needs to go.

    *Remember that your body DOES NOT need AAS either. Steroids have many more side effects and harmful possibilities than taking Adderall responsibly. So if your worried about Adderall on cycle, then maybe you should adjust your priorities.

    I haven't been around much i know, but the board and myself have changed so much.

    Anyway thats all for now, Hugs and Kisses boys and girls!

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    I have depression and ADHD..... thanks for the info bro. I have going to stay away from AAS for a while.... just slin for me

    Good information!

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    Good info man, thanks.

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    I suffer the same problem, the worst part is the loss of appetite. I was wondering if some B12 would help, I was starting my gear next week and want to get enough calories to make it worth my while.

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    i def wouldn't take both at the same time

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