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    hey bros,

    I have completed somewheres around 10 cycles in my time juicing and, I feel like my receptors are no longer reacting the same to 500mg/week of test cycle anymore so this is my next one let me know what you all think. Please feel free to give me ideas on how you would change it or what you would add

    Week 1-4 35mgs/ ED DBol
    Week 1-13 900mgs/ week Test cyp
    Week 1-12 600mgs/ week EQ
    Week 13-17 100mgs/ ED Test Prop
    Week 13-17 50 mgs Winny ED (thinkin about puttin masteron in the winny's place only because I think its better let me know what you guys think?)
    Week 1-4, 8-12, 16-20, 6-8ius Slin PWO ( the shots will be intramuscular and the slin will be humalog )
    Week 1-20 4 ius GH (not sure if I want to run GH it might be IGF1 lr3 so the weeks might follow the slin weeks)

    Novla, Adex or femara on hand

    P.S. Tren enanthate might also be thrown in the mix if anyone has any ideas where let me know I was thinkin about weeks 1- 12 at 300 mgs/ week

    Thanks for your time

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    looks good to for tren run it for 10 weeks towards the run it from week 7-17...

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