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    Sus, Deca & Andriol and Low carb diet - please help!!!

    I am on Sus 250 and Deca 50 at the moment taking it every five days. This is my first cycle ever, should i be on a low carb diet with this cycle (becuase i want to lose my gut)? If not, why? Also i got andriol for Hellllllllla cheap and have read on these forums that they are a waste of time because they are too expensive for what they achieve, when should i take andriol? Oh and also should i take bronchodialtor during this cycle?

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    First off, you need to decide if you want to build muscle and lose fat. You're not going to do either unless your diet is in check for what you want to do. If you want to build muscle, youre going to need high calories so no, low carb is a bad idea. If you want to lose fat, ditch the steroids because they will only make you hold water, fat loss is completely dependant on cardio and diet.

    Sustanon needs to be shot every other day to take advantage of the propionate ester and deca needs to be shot twice a week. What doses are you doing them at?

    You need to do a hell of a lot of research.

    Do you know what clomid and nolvadex are?

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