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    strain after sex

    basically after a cycle, i used a mixed or anti-estrogens to restore test levels, but things didn't fix quite right, originally my cortisol level went really high.

    I know my endocine system would get better by itself but there is as hormone cause a blockage, a strain on the chest and body, and its ALWAYS increases after sex, the more sex the more of a strain on the body, I have average hormone knowledge, but can't work out what hormones increase after sex that could cause a strain,

    there some hormone in my body that should not be there, thats gets allot worse after sex and seems to have an affect on other hormones, any help would be great, thanks

    BTW my Adrenal, TSH, Testosterone , ACTH, Cortisol all seem fine

    is there any sex hormone that could put stress on the body if too high or too low, serotonin or dopamine maybe, i may have caused a few problems i expect

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    Ok so your basically saying that your girl is killing you in the bedroom? lol In some men levels of "fight or flight" hormones like epinephrine can dramaticly increase before/during/after orgasm so maybe that is your problem?

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