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    Exclamation Please Critique

    Have done a ton of research but still would like to hear from everyone on my second cycle. i already have all gear in hand including pct.,all in all i just want to be sure and get the best results possible for me. My first cycle was a test cyp. only about 6 mo. ago. Stats: 39 yrs.old, been training natural for 15yrs. 5' 10'',195lbs. just finished contest in Dec. was 180#. My plan is to train heavy for almost a year and do this show again next Dec as a master. I have a good understanding of nutrition and training for max results. My proposed cycle looks like this:

    wk1-12 Test cyp. 400mg.
    wk1-12 Deca 400mg. or some threads say keep it less than test (300)?
    wk1-4 Oxandralone 25mg. ed
    Script says wk. 8-12 25mg. ed also What do you think?
    wk. 1-12 Nova 20mg.ed

    wk 14 day 1 clomid 300mg.
    day 2-12 100mg.
    day 13-21 50mg.
    Also have Hcg on hand as well as arimidex , but I read a thread that stated you should not use Hcg and clomid together. All opinions and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanx again! As far as training goes I train each bodypart once per week by itself. Cardio during cycle will be 3 x week w/ moderate intensity. I like to use 40/40/20 for my nutritional habits. Protien consumption is not a problem for me as my appetite is that of a teenager. I plan on starting out at 3500 cals. & see where I need to go from there. Thanx!
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    run the test 1 week longer, to make pct easier and you can run the var from week 1-8 at 40mg ED no problem. and yeah you need to bump up the test or bump the deca down, so theres a 100mg difference, how about 450 test and 350mg deca?

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    hey mate

    as consistency said test needs to be longer than deca

    id stick with 500 test 400 deca, after all this isnt your first cycle

    i find for oxy 60mg ed for 8wks is good (but **** expensive):P

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    I agree with both the previous posts. My 2 cents: 500 on the test, 400 deca , stop the deca one to two weeks prior to the test, and bump the oxy up to at least 40 per day... PCT looks good to me, but some people do continue the nolvadex during the course of PCT as well (as do I).

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