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    Dec 2004

    How does this cycle look

    Primobolan 300-400mg week 1-10
    Winstrol tabs 30mg ed 3-10 week
    Proviron 50-100 ed 5-10 week

    I also have HCG on hand. I wont administer it til the end, followed by clomid and nolva.

    I went with the Winny Tabs, cause 4 winstrol injectionsper week plus 2 for the Primobolan will hurt like hell.....

    Any suggestions or things I need to add

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    the winny needs to be run higher, around 50mg

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    So you are anti test? That cycle looks alright, as long as you know what you are getting into... small gains. But I feel will probally be solid gains. Winny needs to be 50mg ED. The primo needs to be 400mg. And 50mg for the proviron . And the HCG will probally not be needed, remember to not overlap the clomid and HCG

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    Imo. Bitch cycle j/k Winny should be run at 50mg ed. Keep the proviron on hand in case of loss of libido.

    Any suggestions or things I need to add
    Yeah some testosterone . It's all up to you though. Good luck.

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