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Thread: Next Cycle..

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    Next Cycle..

    I Ran A D-bol & Winny Cycle (i Know It Was Stupid) For 4-5 Weeks. I Recently Stopped Taking Clomid In Week 6 After Cycle. Is It To Early To Start Another Cycle?

    Test Prop Weeks 1-10
    Winny Tabs 4-9
    Proviron 5-10
    Hcg Last Week Of Prop
    Clomid Pct

    I Am Low On Sex Drive. If I Start With The Test Prop I Will Gain Test But Not Natural. I Also Have The Hcg To Help Along The Way. What Should I Do?

    Wait Longer Or Start Now....

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    I would wait a month or so.

    Did you mean you did clomid for 6 weeks after your cycle or you took clomid just for week 6?

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    when did u finish that cycle? wut doses r u planning on doin the prop and winny? prop needs to b shot ed and so does winny. get some nolva to run throut the cycle. IMO no need for hcg i would personally get some trib and run it thruoutand then a week b4 pct up to the trib to like 3-4 grams. JMO....

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