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    Exclamation Test Prop...

    Hey guys i am about to go on a test prop and var cycle here this week and was wondering how long it took for it too kick in i know it is a shorter acting ester and i have also heard it takes like 3 days for the both of them to kick in. i also wanted to know how are the pumps off of var and als test prop

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    mine usually kick in about the 5th or 6th shot

    i love the pumps....i can really feel them on shoulder and leg days
    good luck
    oh and sorry but i dont know too much about var so i dont wanna tell u something wrong

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    You will feel the full affect of test p after the first week. You will feel the var after about 2weeks.I'm on this cycle for 3days now feel nothing major really but the day will come.USEING 100mg eod 30mg of var ed

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    with prop i noticed and felt it after a couple days but to actually c results a week or two and u'll def notice.

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    I'm on a var and prop cycle... (finished var, now still running prop...) Significant difference in pumps is almost immediately noticable. I noticed strength gains and major changes in the mirror at the beginning of week 3. BTW I gained a lot of weight on the first few weeks of prop / var, don't underestimate this combo, just eat and enjoy.

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    I start to feel the " wood " effects the 3rd or 4th day - the other effects after a week

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