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    I need good advises

    I am 27 years old and planning to compete 2006. My weight is about 227 and fat% is nearly 11%....

    My cycle history looks like that: First cycle was 8weeks of Winstrol tabs (fake) So that cycle doesn`t work, tabs was methyl testosterone

    Second cycle was 8weeks on testosterone cypionate 250mg every 5day and methandienone 15-40mg/ed. That cycle works pretty good.

    Now i`m planning my third cycle and drugs I have is methandienone, sustanon , testosterone propionate and Winstrol depot.....

    I can get several other drugs Deca , Primobolan ......etc.
    What are yours (pro`s) opinon about my "problem"? What kind of cycle is best for serious mass gain......And end of the cycle maybe lean up little bit my body.

    Sorry abot very, very bad English, but I hope you get the point

    Yesterday I asking about cycle what I planning to run, but I started to thinking that it`s not maybe very optimal cycle....

    Thanks for everyone

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    dbol , test e, and deca for mass. imo

    Winstrol depot, testosterone propionate would probably be better in a cutter

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