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    Medical Records And Drug Use

    My brother was recently was taken to the emergency room because of alcohol poisoning. They made him take a urine test and cocaine was found in his system. I just wanted to know if he should go through health insurance. I want to know if this incident would affect his health care in the future.

    For example I never tell my doctor that I juice or take ephedrine beacause I heard that it gets put on your permanent medical records. So if years down the road if I have any heart or health problems my insurance/surgery would be denied due to my AAS/stimulant use.

    The other option is for him to just pay the ER bill ($2,000) and not go through insurance. I figured that he shouldn't risk this ER visit being put on his medical records, so that in the future he wouldn't come across any problems because of his one night of coke/over drinking.

    Any info or replies would be a brotha help a brotha out...

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    IMO, pay the 2 grand & move on. Hopefully lesson learned.

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