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    Does deca make pct harder?

    Ok i am one week into PCT (10 days since last shot of test prop) and taking Clomid 400mg first day, 100mg for rest of week and then 50mg for 2 weeks. This is my second cycle. My last Pct of my last cycle i lost total sex drive for 2.5 weeks, couldnt even get it up and was depressed. That cycle consisted of test prop and deca . This current PCT i am a week into and I feel fine, sex drive is still above average (same as when on test) and no depression at all. Is this because I didnt use deca this time? Or what would explain this? Or would the sides hit me harder in the next coming week??

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    Deca definately shuts you down pretty hard. It takes me 4-5 weeks to get back on line after a deca cycle. So yes that could be the reason. What was your cycle this time?

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