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    in about a month, i will be taking M1T.
    currently i am dieting, and have about a 7% bodyfat.. approx.
    while i will be on M1T (20-30mg/day) 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off, 2 weeks on - and that is a complete cycle.

    would dieting during the 2 weeks in between M1T sessions, be a good move..
    maybe not even dieting.. but cutting using those products..
    not both, just one or the other.
    so i dont gain fat while bulking with M1T..
    -i am currently around 7% bodyfat, with 3.5 weeks of my cut diet to go.
    i am 5'11'' 211 this morning.

    anyone got any suggestions to stay lean on M1T, or even lose some fat in the process of adding lean muscle mass??
    recommendations? comments? anything you got's great!!
    thanks everyone!

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    Too be honest with you, everthing I have read, has leaned me away from M1T..... but, it's up to you....

    Also, I'm sure with a great diet, you wouldn't need anything else bro... the diet is key IMO

    Here's a good read for ya:
    M1t FAQ
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    5'11" @ 211lbs and 7% BF?? you got pics?

    you're trying to cut but using M1T? i dont get it.

    and no, dont use thermogenics in conjunction with it as M1T can really crank up the BP. you want to stay lean on your bulk but keep it short? use tren and winny with or without prop.

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    M1T is a steroid used for bulking, not cutting. 2weeks on 2 off is horrible for M1T usage, do the recommended/tried n true 4 weeks continuous cycle. Your results will just be beginning to show majorly at the second week and then you will start from scratch in another two weeks. Bulk first then cut and have a good solid diet.

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    ok thanks..
    so im guessing, that would be a no go..
    for a fat burner in between a 2 on 2 off, 2 on cycle of M1T..
    yo bro, can i have some back-up info on why the 4 week cycle straight is more productive than the 2 on 2 off, 2 on cycle.. cuz i have friends that have done the 2-2-2, and has worked super.. the only other steroid like substance ive ever used was d-bol, and that was only once - one cycle.
    so i am expecting some hott results from this product..
    so, 4 straight -- then cutt again at the end.. soundsgood.
    how bout some reasons why its better, i cant seem to locate much on that??
    hopefully theres something, thanks guys!!!

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    Here and there
    Get cuttup Bro!!!!

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    ok, good call budday.
    anyone else.. inputs are superb, thanks again.

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