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Thread: 600mg/ml test

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    600mg/ml test

    Alright got this from another board check it out, what do you think any good?

    use 300mg/ml of cyp and the other 300mg/ml of enanthate . use 3-5% ba and 15-20% bb. use a thin oil such as cottonseed or grapeseed.

    this will make a suprsingly thin injectable(for being 600mg/ml). it will hurt if you shoot it straight, but not really that badly. if you mix it with some other gear it doesnt really hurt.

    this is much more stable than if made as 600mg/ml pure cyp or pure enanthate. the reason is the different esters of testosterone do not have the ability to form crystals with each other, they only see each other as another solvent. so by mixing half and half, much less solvent is needed and the depot is much more stable. so less pain for you.

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    I think your ass is gonna be on fire........keep us posted!

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    I've had Test400 that was 200mg cyp and 200mg enan, it was painless, not sure how adding 100 more of each would effect it

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