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    How is deca on the hair?

    I am going to start a new cycle and was thinking about some deca . I have heard both good and bad. If it is going to make it worse I will probably skip it but otherwise would love to get the good effects from it. Thanks,

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    Just shave it all off man, who needs hair

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    Deca 's mild on its' own - but not a good idea to run without test ( & test aint good on the hair )

    Test + deca + dutasteride + topical spiro (+ Var if you fancy) = keep hair

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    Do a test cycle. Use saw palmetto to lower DHT, and topical agents such as spiro / minoxidil etc. Do a search on that you'll get some good results.

    My dads bald, went bald in his early 20's, I am almost there, but haven't seen it yet, however I've cycled test/tren /var/dbol so far no hair loss... I'm using saw palmetto and topical spiro.

    Hope this helps.

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