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Thread: gyno info

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    gyno info

    After a few weeks of cutting i have dropped about 20 pounds by restricting my cals, eliminating my carbs and ED cardio with ephederine and gear...although everything is tightening up chest is looking a little gyno;d i was wondering if i could get some feedback....who has had the it free in canada kind of like a breat reduction?....or is in cosmedic like teeth whitening....

    im going to see a dr about it...ill put pics up in a bit after i get some feedback.....its really bothering me....a lot.

    i did/do take nolv ED....and i did feel it in the nipples at times during my last cycle....and i did up the dose because of that.....but i think the damage has been done

    links of gyno would be helpful..when i typed gyno into the search i was getting way too many any help would be great.....

    this really sucks

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    Cosmetic in Canada, unless you can convince your doc to get you on the list for some reason other than 'I hate my tits' lol.

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    say its very painful and it is starting to cause insecuritys to the point of affecting your normal life.

    Mainly the pain thing though.

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