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Thread: Took the plunge

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    Took the plunge

    Hey guys,

    Well after many month of trying to figure out what kind of cycle I wanted to run I came up with the following one.

    Wks 1-4 Dbol 30mg
    Wks 1-11 Tren E 450
    Wks 1-11 Test E 500
    Wks 11-13 Test prop 75 ed

    Im going to be doing Phendos PCT with 20mg of nolva .25 adex and 100mg of clomid a day for 30 days. I will be taking 20mg of nolva threw out the cycle along with 200mg of B6. I have Bromo on hand. (should i also take .25adex threw out the cycle?)

    First off this is my first cycle and Im well aware that Tren isnt a primary choice for such an occaision but Ive read all the risk involved and I think ill be just fine.

    My current states are
    5"7 180lbs 15% bf 21yrs old

    My goals are to get to around 195 and maybe droping some bf along the way. I took my first injection monday night in my right glute went in fine no pain at all, a lil discomfort today but nothing major. I was a lil nervous I started shacking a bit while injecting but i stoped took a deep breath and continued. I just wanted to say thanks to this site ive learnt alot and keept myself away from what would of been a regretable first cycle. Any input would be appreciated

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    Canada Ehh...
    good to hear bro. keep us posted on how it goes.......good luck

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    sounds good....keep it up bro!

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