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    Mid-Cyle got sick, took a week off!

    It was not the best of weeks. I was so sick with a sinus infection I slept through the Super Bowl an woke up the next day feeling terrible. Long story short I am on week 6 of my cycle and had to take 6 days off lifting. I kept up with my shot schedule and was wondering when I go back tonight what I should do.

    I am supposed to do chest, and I am feeling about 80% right now. I think getting back in the gym will lift my spirits if anything. Might just take it easy.

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    take it easy in the gym. what's your cycle?

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    take it easy bro, i tried to workout when i was sick before, i was super weak in the gym and ended up getting worse all over again.

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    do not take it easy, if you are gonna go... go all out. 80% maybe you hit failure sooner, keep workout under 45 minutes, but bust ass.

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    It's good you kept your shot schedule. I'd hit the gym as hard as you feel you can. I workout with sinus infections from time to time, and it takes some out of you but you can still do it.

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    I feel better about 80 % of the time working out a little sick. Gettng your nat test and GH levels up will help recovery. Helps sleep too...which is what really cures you.

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    I personally wouldn't go until I was better. Learned this lesson the hard way when I went to the gym with the flu and ended up with pneumonia. I couldn't lift for over three weeks.

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    i say go to the gym and lift light, you dont need to go out all hardcore just do something at least, thats a weeks worth of juice going to waste if your idle

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    id say take it easy, why make this worse???? your on cycle, if you weren't this who gives a ****, im off cycle right now, been sick for 5 days now, worked out today, and now i'm just hurtin again....but i mean thats me...
    good luck feel better bro

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