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    Run 1 mile & intense hill climb ED

    I hear a lot about 'too much cardio'. I assume my 1 mile a day run and hill climb isnt too much cardio? I am following a 'gain lean muscle' diet and shooting for 5-10 pounds of lean muscle from 12 weeks of Test E.

    The hill climb is fairly steep and takes about 25-30 minutes at a constant pace. I run at about 5 mph on the treadmill.

    My job also keeps me pretty active each day (I do maybe only 1-2 hours a day work of desk work)

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    he bud u might wanna put this thread in the workout ?s forum ull get ur anwers there good luck, oh and JMO i wouldnt think it was to much its always good to run a lil bit everyday unless ur trying to straigh bulk the fvck up

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    no for me its not an overkill i run and still find it hard to lose any weight,get a heart rate monitor its a must for your intensity and you dont burn muscle just fat.

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    IMO...thats not to much cardio at all...your going to look better & feel better for having done it.
    It won't burn muscle, just keep a little fat off you...good on ya>>>

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