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    SHOCKED at how easy that was....

    My buddy just injected me with 250mg of QV test with a 23g 1.5 inch needle in the glute and I must say I had to ask him if it was in at first. I felt NOTHING. Less then a pinch....and then I felt my muscle twitch and he told me he just aspirated and everything was going great. It was just a great moment and I'm very thankful for these forums getting me comfortable and sure about myself before this.

    I know you get this a lot lately, but thanks guys =)
    Lookin forward to the next stabbin already...

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    Welcome to the dark side -- there is no going back now!!!

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    Your going to do the next one your self Right??
    Good Lock Bro

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    Even better when you do it yourself bro! I used to be scared ****less to RECIEVE shots, now I cant wait to shoot myself up!!! Once you do it yourself you wont want anyone doing it for you! GL!

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    Do it yourself, and you'll be glad you've entered the realm of so many others...CONGRATS

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