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    Equipoise and male pattern baldness?

    Hey guys. Really need some help here from someone that may know from experience or be educated on the subject. Has anyone here tried equipoise who is prone to hairloss/male pattern baldness? Did you see any fallout when you used this particular steroid ? Thanks a lot guys. Any help really apprecitated.

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    LOL great..after all that discussion we had in my last Thread about EQ, now I going to lose my hair !!!!!!!! Bro I have a thick Mop, I will def let you know if I start losing the Growth !!!!!!!!!! Peace

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    It seems about half the people in here will say it is bad and the other half say it is mild on hair. I used it with winny and did have some shedding but I think it was the winny b/c everybody says it is. Try some topical spironolactone-finesteride is useless unless it is test.

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    If you are starting to bald then yes you will see your hair thin out a bit while on cycle.

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    It's pretty mild compared to other compounds.

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