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Thread: fakes

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    be careful and really check your shit out , i was talking to a friend of mine today that just got back from the east coast...he was at a wedding and met a guy there who makes mass quanities of fake gear....from what he was telling me this fucker has the crimpers, vials, printing machine for the labels ect ect...he said the shit is done so well you have to send it out to be tested to tell whats in it....

    reason why i only buy my shit at the pharm except for gh which i doubt i could be scammed on...

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    that mofo should be hunted down!!! we want blood!!!

    thats distcusting.. what a terrible way to make money.

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    i think i can make my own test with fina kit ,

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    Hey mod, if it's the same guy I know, his gear is real.......the labels are not.

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    thanks for the heads up m.o.d. i hope the shit is sterile at least lol.

    i know people that make underground gear, but just print out their own fake labels. the only thing i'd be worried about is sterility, but other than that, these aren't too bad.

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