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    I am on a cutting cycle now .....Prop 75mg ed, EQ 400mg a week...last 6 weeks winstrol

    My goal for this cycle is to show my abs and get leaned up
    I have been watching my diet for the last 2 months
    For breakfast I eat to poched eggs on 2 whole wheat english muffins
    Here is the protien shake I make... one bananna 2 teaspoons jif peanutbutter 1/2 a cup 2%milk teaspoon brown sugar... (can someone give me some input and let me know if this protien shake is ok to drink twice a day everyday?)
    Ok this is what I eat for lunch a footlong whole wheat turkey sub from subway just tomatoes spinach bannanapeppers and black olives...Is it ok for me to eat this everyday for lunch???A couple hours after lunch I drink my 2nd protien shake
    for dinner I usally eat lean meats like 3 chicken breasts with veges...

    Does my diet look ok for the results I want to see?? I am really dedicated to this Im not doing any cardio because I just cant make myself do it but I am working out hard 5 days a week in the gym im lifting heavy weight 8-10 reps then I do 4 sets of 20 crunches on the ab machine then I do 3 sets of 20 on the torrso 3 times a week... I would really appreciate some input on this for it would help me to achieve my goal....Im like 10% bodyfat
    I posted this in the diet forums but no response

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    Wrong forum...

    You need to total up your protein/fat/carbs for each meal, you can do that here they have a huge database of foods

    That protein shake is horrible, you shouldn't mix carbs and fats especially with a cutting diet. And brown sugar???

    Do you drink a postworkout shake with dextrose?
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