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    Apr 2004

    hope i dont get banned for this question

    Can somebody pm with a online site in which i can get viagra or Cialis?? Only if this does not violate any kind of rule. Its not as so i guess its ok. Also, any opinions on cialis vs. viagra would be cool

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    Dec 2004
    under your bed
    just go to mexico they sell it for like 10 bucks a pill ! but why do u need this ****!! is mr willy going limp on you!

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    Click the banner at the top of our page, our sponsors sell it.

    No other site posting please.

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    shorty33 is offline Associate Member
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    Jul 2004
    Just go to your Doctor and tell him it ain't working like it should, and your old lady is talking about leaving you so you want to try cialis(it is better than viagra imo).
    Good luck bro

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    tvd220 is offline Member
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    Apr 2004
    nah to be honest eveything is good, but i like the occasional boost, especially durring pct!

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