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    Lightbulb should i take deca or equipose with my test e and dbol

    i been reading and cant still aint really sure which one to use i here its easyier to keep gains from eq and i like the vascularity and that the side effects are much lighter then the deca but i heard the deca will get u alot bigger but gain alot more fat and water weight and i dont need the extra fat and i heard the side effects can get pretty rough so any suggestions?

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    For those asking critiques on cycles
    Read this first newb. Then come back to this thread with a proper layout, mgs and length of time, stats and age.

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    Browse through the educational threads for a bit. Read the steroid profiles on the main website. If you research for a little bit you'll learn a whole lot more than you would expect.

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    Where did you hear that Deca will result in fat gain?

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