Hi guys I had been a member in the past and mostly just did reading of others posts. I have just re-regestered to try and find out some info on an old post that I could not find through searching. Anyway its been 2 years since my last Cancun trip. Did most of my shopping at Wal-Mart....... best prices least hassle, what can I say. Also payed a visit to a small vet supply shop. What a time that was. The old post I was looking for was from about 2 years ago also. Someone posted digital pics that they took of a few shelves of gear from QV products at a vet in Cancun. I cannot for the life of me remember the address. I beleive it was on Kulcalkan (sp) blvd. Does anyone else remember this post? I was thinking about just visiting the QV distribution center but I'm not sure yet. I was looking to pick up Animal Power products, but there distribution center is too far from where I'll be. Any help would be great in trying to track down the vet in question. Sorry if this is borderline on being outright on the forums, but this is concerning a past posting. Thanks guys.