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Thread: cutting

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    Next week I'll begin dieting and aerobics , so I have made up my mind about taking some gear to not lose lean mass. It would be:

    1- 10 500mg durateston (same as sust.)
    1 -13 100mcg T3
    and post cicle therapy

    any suggestions?


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    Canada Ehh...
    in my opinion t-3 should be tapered and not run strait.
    look for some of mallets threds on t-3. he has a lot of
    great info

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    Don't run that long on T3, companheiro, T3 is a serious hormone
    and if you mess up with that you'll have bad problems with whole
    body hormone levels cuz they are controled somehow by thyroid
    gland where T3 acts...just do 3 weeks on and 3 off but definitly
    don't go 13 weeks straight or you're gonna mess up with yourself.
    De nada! Cara so nao falei em portugues porque os caras iriam
    me vaiar hehe.

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    Good Advice froM Seajackal. Running high levels of T3 like that can really mess you up if you are not really experienced in using it and even then you ramp up and taper off. Start with something like 25mcg for a week then go to 50/75/100 then taper off for somthing like a 5-6 week period. That should really give you the benefit of T3 without risking side effects etc.

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