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    Up the cardio while on...

    Everyday for the last 2.5 weeks i have been going to the gym in the morning on an empty stomach and doing about 45 minutes of cardio. I am taking a *legal* fat burner, and also an illegal one *t3*, right now i am ramped up to the peak on t3. I am getting good results in fat loss wise, however after my t3 im going to hit up a month of 130mcg clen /day which is proper for my weight, and after that i want to have a 6pack. I was 21 percent bodyfat or so my pincher skin fold said *which was after lifting so i think it was bs*. I am running 700mg test/week on my t3. Anyways question is should i up the cardio to 60 minutes a day and cut my diet down a whole lot or what do you veterns recommend?

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    make sure you take cycle benadryl in along with your clen to keep your Beta receptors from downregulating. How do you look in the mirror, any visible abs? If you're getting good results, why change anything? If you do too much cardio, or cut your calories down too low, you're going to start losing muscle.

    I suggest increasing your water intake, and making sure you don't eat any carbs after 8 pm. These two thigns will help you along.

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