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    Infected Gear? *Bacteria growth in bottle*

    I had a bottle of "masteron " (drostanolone enanthate , actually) and a bottle of trenbolone enanthate, both unused for over a month and only one mililiter left in each.

    Tren bottle: a brown, smoke-like whisp of something was suspended in the bottle.

    Drostanolone bottle: brown spots on the bottom of the bottle. Like a bacteria colony in a petri dish.

    Possible Cause: The dirty air that we inject into our bottles takes up a substantial volume when only one mililiter is left in the bottle. Given a month, and gear with low alcohol levels, it is possible that some bacteria could grow.

    I disposed of both bottles because I figured they were contaminated with bacteria. What do you guys think?

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    I got used homebrew that's about 5 months old and have no growths in it. That must be some piss poor quality stuff.

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    under your bed
    sounds fuken nasty!!

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    ooh gross sick nasty

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    sounds very nasty, imo

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    Wow i've never seen that happen before. Like hooker said, what brand?

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    It is from a very good quality UGL, and, out of respect, I will not publicly post the brand name. They don't want their name discussed positively or negatively on the bulletin boards. Also, there is no guarantee that despite my rigorous routine of cleanliness and proper injection procedure, that I did not cause the contamination myself.

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    I heard of a case exactly like that a little over a month ago...
    The doctor as I remember explained it the same exact way that
    in larger vials the last few ml's can contain more bacteria then
    the vial did when you started, but is rare... The bro it happened
    to I know was telling the story truthfully... If you want to take the
    time to read it I can go back and find the thread, it was on another

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    I had a bottle of british dragon nnp that after several months looked like I shot a load in it... By the way I didn't shot a load in it... I threw it away.

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