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Thread: help with prop

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    help with prop

    I am right now taking 200cyp/50prop mixtuer. And this happens everytime i inject it. I am fine that day but the next couple of days the area is so sore, red, hot and swollow. Right now it hurts to sit. I alos tried a quad shot and delt, same thing.

    But when i inject any other test my body is fine. Do you guys think i have bad prop or my body just doesn't like it.

    I can inject 1,200 mgs of cyp and no problems. I just don't want to throw away the prop i have 25cc's left of it.

    Any help on what to do? Or do i just have to take the pain?

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    First time I took prop it did the same thing and I was using QV prop only after a few shots did it get better...

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    the area is swollow? what does that mean? swollen, i assume? Sounds like it's getting infected to me...Are you running a fever too? How long does it take you to push the oil through?
    p.s. Do'nt throw the prop. away!!! Send it to GA!

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    prop has always hurt like hell for me. i can deal with the quad shots much better than the ass. just gotta suck it up.

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