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    17 aa and injectible winny

    I was wondering if any one had the study on oral winny vs injectible and the effects of 17aa. I recall seeing one on here that said that injectible makes the same number of passes through the liver and therefore you are better off taking the oral.

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    17 aa refers to a CH3 molecule that's present on both the oral and injectable versions of winny. It makes the compound more difficult for the liver to break down. There is some first pass deactivation when taking winny orally, so there is a slight decrease in potency compared to injecting, but as far as stress on the liver goes, your body has XXX mg of winny to metabolize, and it's all going to be metabolized in the liver at some point or another. There should be no difference in toxicity.

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    there is of course a bonus IGF release from the liver during liver deactivation by ingesting the injectable winny orally....
    desk reference indicates that mg for mg oral winny is more potent than the injection, but is more toxic on liver.........

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    studies will show that injecting is better. But i didn't notice any difference between the two. maybe if I experimented with it more I'd find more benefit to injecting, but I'm not about to do that because I don't like winny.

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    Ive done both and I have to say that injections worked better. Injections kick in right away and give you a "rush" but if its vet quality you will notice 3 hours later the pain and swellin starts to kick in and dosent go away for a week. I used Winstrol V by Winthrop. If you have hg it dosent hurt as bad Ive heard. Still you have to shoot it ed. So IMO its better to just drink it if its vet and shoot it if its hg.

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    I've done both also and i think it's just better to drink it. Although i couldn't tell the difference between the two.. Why poke yourself if you don't have to...

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