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Thread: 2nd cycle

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    2nd cycle

    Ok here's the skinny...

    1st cycle was a learning experience...
    looked something like this:

    D-Bol - 20mg day/20mg night - weeks 1-6
    Whinny - 50mg/day - weeks 4-10
    Sust 400 - 1 cc twice/week - weeks 5-10
    Gained 30 lbs... and a fair bit of mass...

    So lets say that was a lil fecked up...didn't get my sust going off the bat...and lost a bit.

    Question is... I really liked Sust 400..due to the fact that it was only 1cc/twice a week. sooo...

    I now need advice on my second cycle to begin in June.

    I would like to do this:
    Teslac ...(anti estro)weeks 1-10
    D-Bol - 20mg day/20mg night - weeks 1-5
    Sust 400 - 1 cc twice/week - weeks 1-10
    Whinny - 50mg/day - weeks 6-10

    But someone told me that redundantcy is not good. Can someone give me a couple better scenarios?

    Still looking for mass + strength gains. Would like to keep total cost just below $800.00

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    sust 400?? you mean sust 250 or test 400? either way you need to shoot both more then just twice a week to keep blood levels stable

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