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    My Cutting Cycle 2. Critiques Please.

    I posted the first one to see what you guys thought. now here is my second choice. Trying to figure which one im going to run......

    wk 1-14 Aratest 150mg EOD
    wk 1-14 EQ 400mg
    wk 12-17 Winny 50mg ED

    10mg nolva ED
    PCT begins 3 weeks after last test/eq shot


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    PCT begins 1 day after last winny inject.
    And god bless if you can cut while on eq.

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    move your winny back to finish on week 16 so that PCT times match up. How do you know you are getting 150mg of aratest? It comes 250mg/ml, so half would be 125mg. Just curious.

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