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    tribulus and tongkat ali(long jack)during pct?

    i posted this in the pct forum but would like as many opinions as possible:-

    i have tribestan(tribulus) and tongkat ali(long jack) 1:50 extract from pasak bumi.
    i am about to start pct using pheedno's protocol:-
    20 mg of nolvodex
    0.25mg of arimidex
    100 mg of clomid

    all for a 30 day cycle.

    would combining the tongkat and trib help or hinder HPTA recovery?

    i want to help myself to recover as much as possible and certainly do not want to hinder my recovery.

    could someone give a dosing schedule for the trib and tongkat?

    with the high protodioscin(20%) content of tribestan each cap is 250mg with recommended dosage 1-2caps 3 times per day.
    i have read recommendations on this board of 4-5 grams per day but is this the dose needed with a high concentrated (protodioscin) trib supplement like tribestan or thermolife's TRIBOSTEN?

    the tongkat i have is a 1:50 extract in 200mg caps from pasak bumi.

    if beneficial to combine these herbs during pct,i was considering a 30 day cycle simultaneously with pheedno's pct.

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    There have been many studies showing that Trib alone will help raise LH levels....... These studies were done on 70 year old men that had ER dysfuntion and within a few weeks of the use of Tribulus some were able to get a erection, and test showed incresed sperm production.

    To sum it up yes running both for PCT will help.......... but I have used them durring my cycle and PCT.

    One other thing if your cycle is a hard or long cycle then HCG would also be benifical to your recovery. What does the cycle look like and is it soon to be over?

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    I there is no HTPA hinderance like HCG . I had asked an HRT doc once if tongkat was like herbal HCG and his response was no. HCG does inhibit the HTPA, tongkat and tribulis do not, so these herbals are better described as being herbal clomid. The herbals are best done on a longer stretch then clomid. Like before your last injection and taking the herbals for 2 months or more as a part of PCT is ideal.

    You should understand that unlike clomid which can increase your test production and leave it there when done, these herbal's influence end when you quit taking them. SO while they might be thought of as being an herbal clomid, you take them more for the same reason you would take HCG rather then clomid. In otherwords while on trib/tongkat you get ball size growth, your balls can actually hypertrophy like on HCG where you do not get hypertrophy on clomid (larger then natural ball size). Even if the increased testosterone production doesnt persist directly as a result of trib/tongkat, the fact that your ball size has been restored and perhaps the balls are even bigger then before certainly DO help you maintain things in the post cycle period. Tongkat is especially useful in the reduction of sex hormone binding globulins (substances in your blood that deactivate or make useless your availble blood testosterone thus in a sense, lowers your tollerance to testosterone). Tongkat can be done DURING a cycle to keep your testosterone tollerance and SHBG's down low so your injected testosterone is twice as effective. Lower SHBG's also help your body to make effective use of the lower testosterone levels you have in post cycle, thus reducing the post cycle loss of gains.

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    Yep, I use them both during every pct and at the start of my cycles.

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    anyone else?

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    I use trib for pct.. great on cycle or off...I run 4 grams a day
    which is a high dose but is very effective,I can run 4 grams a day off cycle and it's like I got a couple shots of test in me there is no dought in my mind the benifits of it raising your natural test levels..Mudman's right about the hcg you should look into it,makes pct alot quicker IMO therefore keeping more of your gains..

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