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    Exclamation How bad does winny alone shut down your natural test?

    How much does winny shut down your natural test? I'm thinking of going with a winny only cycle for around 50mgs ED for 6-8 weeks and I'm curious as to how much it would shut me down?I'm using the 50mg Zambon amps. I'm certainly going to take clomid at the end, I'm just curious as to how much winny shuts down your natural test. Ive taken Fina alone, and it shut me down pretty good, did get nice gains off of it though. Would the winny alone shut me down as hard as fina would?
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    it depends on how much you take. 50mg/day would be 350mg of steroids per week. your body is used to making about 75mg naturally (at the upper limit), so 350mg/wk would definitely shut you down after 6-8 weeks.

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    does it shut down all the way, or just lower your own test production. have you ever heard of clen in the place of clomid for when comming off of winny only ?

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    Is full clomid theary necessary after a winny only cycle for say 6-8 weeks of 50mg per day?

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    yes,it cant hurt you even if u dont need it so.(but u do)

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    I'd never bother with this but the only roids worth running by themselves are Primo and Anavar . They affect the natty test levels the least and yes, you should run clomid - just skip the initial dose of 300 that some people do.

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