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    Post best bet with these products available?

    I have 20ml of test cyp 300 and 20ml of deca 400 and 20 ml of winni 100mg.
    I havent stacked alot in the past just some sust 250 with dbol and ive ran a sust 250 with a tren and really didnt get what i wanted out of it. Please let me know how you would run this (what i have to work with) and what i can do to keep the bloat and water retention down to a minimum. I actually havent planned to run the wini except i thought it would help with some of the fat as i will be bulking. I am 5'6 174 lbs @ 20%bf with no juice in me. I guess i want to do the same thing as every one else and get bigger and at the same time lose a little fat. Is this possible with what i have and how would you run it? thanks

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    I would run cardio-300mg/wk, diet-500mg. If you have your heart set on it tho, rather than talkin about gaining this and losing that, choose which one is more important in order to set up your cycle. i would say run it as a cutter, diet, and take whatever muscle may come along with it..

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    diet and cardio all the way bro but......

    from wut u have winny is useless with 20% bf imo so dont bother.
    run the cyp 500mg/week/11weeks
    deca 400mg/week/10weeks

    but i still would recomend u get ur self on a good diet and get doing some cardio maybe an eca stack b4 u go ahead w/ another cycle.

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